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I'm not comfortable braggin on myself so I've never followed through on a testimonial page before.  My mentors tell me I'm not bragging, I'm simply letting potential clients know that I have clients who are very happy with me.  So, after 11 years in the business, I'm adding this page.  And honestly, I DO have more than just one client who was pleased with me! :-)  This is just the first one I've asked permission to publish his email.  Hope you like it and hopefully there will be more!

From Pat:

I just want to tell you how much I GREATLY appreciate your efforts on my behalf. It has truly been a pleasure listing and working with you. I wish you were nearer to Missouri/Arkansas, as I’m trying to sell another piece of property and if it were an option I’d readily list it with you. I put it on the market this fall, and  I’ve been trying to sell it myself since. The experience has taught me how valuable a good, trust-worthy, hard-working agent is.

Again, thanks much!